We all yearn for happiness and meaning in life. We all want to feel loved and connected to those around us.

My passion is to bring meditative practices to people to foster joy and peace in their lives, so that they may bring their true gifts forward into the world and create a better life for themselves and those around them.

Through my teaching, I help my clients who include children, adults, families, and people with disabilities, to connect to their heart and mind and develop tools for greater emotional and spiritual well-being.

I know that no single practice works for all, and I’m more interested in a methodology of different approaches that can be adopted and modified by the individual based on what resonates with them.

In this way, members of the community are empowered to step into the practice with a variety of meditative and movement based methods that they can feel into, and can come away confident they can formulate their own path of practice.

I’m familiar with a range of meditative techniques, and am a qualified yoga instructor, and I have studied qigong for many years. I pass this all on to my students.

My background is as a Buddhist monk. I studied under the guidance of my teacher Ajahn Brahm, Abott of Bodhinyana Monastery, a Theravadan Buddhist monastery In Serpentine, Western Australia. Whilst there I practiced meditation extensively, often in seclusion, and studied buddhist suttas in their original pāli language, as well as history, and buddhist psychology. I also have a bachelors degree in design, and have studied playwrighting and acting.

Co-manifesto is a currently a blog to share my ideas, and I’d love to see it grow into a space of cross-pollination where people share their views and ask questions of life.

I’m currently residing and teaching at Coolah Place Healing Centre, on the Sunshine Coast, where I’m helping collaborate to build the spiritual community here.